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House Manual


  • The property address is as follows:

Wester ​Fodderletter Farmhouse



AB37 9HL

  • Tesco, Asda & Morrisons deliver to our address at the time of writing.
  • Unfortunately neither Sainsburys or Waitrose currently deliver to our address.

Big Rules:
  • Septic Water Tank: The property is served by a Septic Water Tank. PLEASE Only Flush Pee, Poo & Toilet Paper :-)

  • Steading / Farm Buildings: Please do not enter the Steading / Farm Buildings on-site.

  • Tumble Dryer: This is a Condenser dryer, please empty the water tray and clear any fluff/lint after every use

  • Check Out:

    • Time: 10:00 am - Please check out on-time as due to the AirBnb Enhanced Cleaning Protocol it takes a long time to clean the property fully.​

    • Linen: Please strip all used bedding and towels folded inside the Brown Hessian Sacks (these are on the top shelf, in the cupboard in the bathroom).  Leave the Hessian Sacks outside of the Shower Room/at the Back Door.  This is important as it minimises the cleaners contact with linen.

    • Rubbish: Please empty the fridge, freezer and all bins in all rooms, including recycling and the large blue bin in the kitchen and put the rubbish in the bins and the top of the track for collection by the Council.

Oven & Microwave:
  • Top Oven: Doubles as a Microwave. To access the Microwave function switch the oven on using the standby icon located on the top middle left area of the oven. Then press the house icon and scroll through the type of heating options in the middle touch pad. Please make sure there are no metal trays within the oven when using the microwave function (the metal bar shelves within the oven are fine to use during microwave function). A message will appear on the oven to remind you of this.

  • Bottom oven: This has a number of different functions on it. Using the same method as described above, scroll through the options to locate the one best suited to your needs.

  • Oven Manuals: Please see below links for full Instruction Manuals for the Ovens:

Kitchen appliances:

In the corner cupboard located below where the kettle and toaster are you will find a slow cooker, hand blender, and milk frother. 

Hot Water & Heating:
  • This comes from an environmentally friendly Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) - large fan at rear of the property and water tank at the back door. It is controlled by a remote control kept in the Living Room. Both the Heating and Water are on at all times as recommended by Mitsubishi. In practice this means that you always have hot water and heating available on demand. The heating will come on automatically if the temperature drops but if you wish to turn it on use the remote control to increase the temperature. We recommend you leave all other Heating and Water settings as set please.

  • NOTE: The central heating is not quite calibrated correctly and therefore you need to set it to 5 degrees higher than the desired setting before it will reach that temperature.  We are awaiting an engineer coming out to set the temperature correctly.

  • All water is pressurised via a Grundig Water tank at the back door. This ensures strong shower and tap water pressure.

  • Private Water Supply - Like most properties in the Highlands (including Balmoral Castle) water is supplied via a Spring which is filtered and treated before being made available. All cold tap water in the property is suitable for drinking and is tested yearly by Moray Council to confirm it meets the required standard. Internet:

WiFi / Internet:
  • Guest WiFi network available called "Wester Fodderletter Guest" with password of Contact Owner for password. Internet is 4G based, speeds can vary given the country location.

  • Living Room - Smart TV with Sonos Soundbar, uses the Internet connection to provide access to Netflix, Access to live channels and archives via BBC iPlayer, ITV/STV, Channel 4 & 5 all included. No terrestrial or Satellite TV available due to poor reception in the area.  If you get bored of TV there are binoculars on the coffee table to watch the wildlife from the window or from the picnic bench in the garden!

  • Landing - Small TV with Wii and DVD Player - Selection of Wii Games and DVDs to watch. Music: * Download and install Sonos app to your smartphone to play music on one or both of the Sonos speakers: Living Room: Sonos Soundbar, Kitchen: Sonos Speaker

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